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Tiger Fishing at Chawalo Safari


Chawalo Safari Lodge is situated on the northern bank of the Zambezi River. It lies 15km east (downstream) from the district capital of Zumbo, in the Tete province, of Mozambique. This area is also known as the Lower Zambezi Valley and it runs into the Cahorra Bassa Basin.

Zumbo is on the eastern side of the confluence of the Zambezi and the Luangwa Rivers. On the western side is the town of Luangwa Feira, in Zambia. Across the Zambezi on the south bank is the village of Kanyemba, in Zimbabwe.

The Luangwa River forms the Western boundary of Mozambique, with Zambia. From the confluence, Cahorra Bassa opens up into an amazing expance of water about 25km downstream.


We are fortunate to have only small distances to travel on daily fishing expeditions (most of our fishing is conducted within 15km from camp) and no long boat rides are necessary. This adds fishing time on the water and keeps fuel costs down.

Guests generally depart from the lodge to the guide’s preferred spot at first light, after a cup of coffee, rusks and cereal. We supply a light packed snack and a cooler box of preferred refreshments, to tie the guest over to brunch, served at the main lodge at around 11:30am.

From around three in the afternoon, the boats depart for the afternoon fishing session. All boats return at last light.

We run four aluminium boats, by Aliboats in Maun and three conventional fibre glass boats. The fibre boats are 17,5 footers and run 90hp, two stroke, Yamaha outboards.

We boast three 17,8 foot Pikes, with specially designed fishing decks. We received input from professional fly fishing guides, Arno Matthee and Paul Boyers, while designing our deck configuration.

Our fourth Aliboat is a 18,5 foot Orca, with a deck layout ideal for conventional fisherman. All four these craft are powered by 100hp, four stroke, fuel injected motors, by Yamaha.

We can accommodate up to twelve fly fishermen with two anglers per boat and up to eighteen conventional spinning guests at three per boat.

With our modern equipment and knowledgeable local guides, we offer an unforgettable fishing experience.

The current camp record Tiger is 23 lbs, taken on the 16th of August 2010. During the 2011 season 19 Tiger Fish over 15 pounds were recorded by our clients. The top fish was a 20 pounder taken by Eddy Matthee on a Red Tiger Wakka and Fred Wittstock landed an 18 pound 4 ounce on the 24th of September 2011. Our clients have landed 18 pound plus Tigers in July, August, September and October.


Our guests typically arrive trough Lusaka International Airport, in Zambia, at 8:35am, on a Friday. They take the 6:35am flight from JHB, with SA Airlink. From Lusaka a charter flight is scheduled to Luangwa Feira, still in Zambia.

It is of the utmost importance to note that all non SADEC passport holders, must acquire a DOUBLE ENTRY VISA into Zambia, upon arrival in Lusaka. All SADEC passport holders are to stamp into Zambia, at Immigration, as they are taking a domestic flight to Luangwa Feira.

After paying their Domestic Departure Tax ($15), at the tax desk, adjacent to the Domestic Departure Gate, they board the charter for Luangwa Feira.

At Luangwa Feira, a Chawalo Safaris representative will collect clients at the airstrip and proceed to Zambian Immigration, for their departure stamp from Zambia.

From there they board our boats for the crossing of the Luangwa River and into the Zambezi, down to Zumbo, as the port of entry into Mozambique. Once again, all non-SADEC passports are to have a Mozambican VISA in their passport, before arrival, from their country of residence, as no VISA facility is available in Zumbo.

After collecting and verifying their entry stamps in Zumbo (please add 5 extra days to the duration of the intended stay) clients proceed to Chawalo Safaris Lodge, by boat, down the Zambezi.

After the safari, the same procedure is required, with visits to both Mozambique and Zambia Immigration. The charter departs again for Lusaka from Luangwa Feira, on Friday at 10:30am, to have clients connect back to JHB from Lusaka at 13:30pm.

To drive from JHB, please consult a GPS to the following markers.

Johannesburg to Beitbridge (Border Crossing into Zimbabwe at Mussina)- 550km

To Harare – 600km

To Mazoe – 35km

To Mvurvi – 50km

To Guruve – 50km

To Mahuve – 30km

To Mushumbi Pools – 30km

To Angwa – 80km

To Kanyemba – 70km


Please note that we are in a Malaria area and consultation with your GP is essential before departure from your home country.

Yellow Fever inoculation cards are compulsory for re-entry in JHB International, from Lusaka Airport.


Cell phone reception is available at the lodge on MTN-Zambia, Econet-Zimbabwe or MCel-Mozambique.

We offer internet access at request.