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Chawalo Tiger Fishing Packages

From R 16 200 All inclusive for 7 days, ex Lusaka.

At Chawalo Safaris we offer a 7-night all inclusive package. Clients arrive on a Friday and depart again the next Friday, through Lusaka International Airport. (Please refer to the ABOUT US page for full transfer details.)

The rate includes the boat hire, boat fuel, fishing guide and bait for conventional fishing. A cooler box with refreshments and a light snack is also included.

All meals, soft drinks, bottled water and local beer are included. All lodging and housekeeping services are included, with daily laundry service.

Hard tack (alcohol) and wine is for the client’s account. We carry limited stock and this is available at replacement value from either Tete or Lusaka. We encourage patrons to carry their preferred fire water and wine, as checked luggage or from Duty Free at OR Tambo. With prior arrangement, we can have speciality mixes in stock.

Transfers from Lusaka are charged separately and vary from R2 000 to R2 500, per person, return, depending on the group size and the plane required.

Daily rates are R 2 000 per person, to total the average 7-night package to R 16 200, per person, including the charter from Lusaka to Luangwa.




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